Friday, August 19, 2011

perfect plans.

funny how things work out perfectly, isn't it?

just been thinking about life as of late.
thinking about where this past year has brought me.
reading posts that began like this.
to this.
to this.
to this.
to this.
to this.
to this.
to this.

i've just been fascinated as pieces of my life begin to fall together perfectly.
i shouldn't be so in awe, because Heavenly Father knew it all along.
but i didn't.

i had the tiniest bit of faith in knowing that everything works about,
and that's about where it ended.
i had so many doubts. fears. questions. even anger.
but i had small answers. directions to head but not sure why.
so i kept at it. slowly making my way along the path.
with a lot of encouragement from others.
[and inspiration from all of you. thank you.]

recently i've been happy.
happier than ever before.
and suddenly, the light is shining down so bright. to see clearly, at least for a bit.
time and time again i'm reminded, this is why you are here.

and i'm finally embracing it.


Amy said...

love ya Ash!

jilly said...

joy in the journey!

Ashley Eliza said...

loving this post :)
I always have to remind myself that its not what I want, but Heavenly Father gives me what i NEED. and in essence it ends up being a million times better than i ever could imagine.


emily janette said...

i love this. you said it perfectly. and exactly the lesson i'm learning lately.