Thursday, August 18, 2011

babies. all over the world.

somebody left a "national geographic" on the counter at work, so i decided to have a look.
at first, just for the pictures.
[because kylee is going to have her photography in them one day.]

as i kept skimming i found this article.
then a chart.
and it was one of the saddest things i've ever seen.

pretty much it showed the countries that made the most money had the fewest children.
all over the whole world.
kind of a sad thought, isn't it?
we have the ability, and finances to give children good lives.
but in this article women talked about how they were more interested in buying nice things.
waiting until they paid off their house.
saving enough for their children to go to school first.
and the countries that don't have as much are still willing to have children.

maybe it's because i'm a home ec major. and a latter-day saint [mormon].
but i think the family is a really big deal.
are we not willing to sacrifice our time and money to bring children into this world?
especially because that's what culture and society is telling us?

just something to think about.
your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

you da you da best.

Brissa said...

i used to want to write for nat geo. they're amazing.

jilly said...

do da do da rest.....

Lisa said...

Very interesting article. It doesn't have all the answers, but does raise some interesting questions. It's definitely not just the money, it's the lifestyle the money brings. Family size is obviously a very personal issue, but there are common trends across the world. Thank you for sharing this, Ashley!