Thursday, April 21, 2011

doubts and reassurance.

found this old journal entry.

"december 12, 2010
sometimes i wonder what i'm doing with my life. 
i'm 'in like' with a boy that i don't even know if anything will happen.
i'm so hopeful.
but honestly should i be more logical?
i don't do the best in school, but am i trying my best?
my friend came over and asked me some of these questions.
am i just doubting myself?
where is the middle ground?
how much harder do i have to work?
how long am i supposed to hope for?
what if boy isn't interested?
do i keep hoping or try to get over him now?
 i won't give up yet.
i'll work hard.
try harder in school.
but i know that Heavenly Father loves me just the same."


interesting how sometimes we have to be brought low to see the greater light.
we all have our doubts.
but i've been filled with hope and the love of my Father in Heaven.
i still don't have all my answers but i know there is a plan.
a perfect plan.
Heavenly Father doesn't need us to doubt, just to act in faith.
and with that i am always reassured.

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