Thursday, June 2, 2011

missing efy.

last night i went running.
while on this run i ran past all the efy kids walking home from games night at the park.
all the girls smiled at me and said, "you are so good!  keep up the good work!"
and then the boys all jumped off the sidewalk to give me high fives.
none of these kids knew me.
they didn't know that being a counselor last summer changed my life.
they weren't even aware of how much i missed efy at that moment.
and just by being the amazing kids they are, they made my whole night.
i teared up a little as i kept running.
missing that experience so much.
"is this what i'm supposed to being doing this summer?" i asked.
i got the answer, "of course, or I would have told you otherwise."
sometimes we feel like we're sacrificing when we are just receiving greater blessings in disguise.
this summer will be the best one yet.
[because everything in life just keeps getting better.]

side note:  i did make it wednesday night pizza night in honor of efy.  and it was tasty.

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Anonymous said...

you're the best.