Friday, February 4, 2011

light always comes.

i adore mark johnson.
he writes some of the most perfect letters ever.
somehow he knows just what to say. always.
even from the other side of the world.
he told me a story about this man he talked to.
he said,
"he told me that before the mission he knew exactly where he wanted life to go.
he came back and felt that he should change plans.
his new plans didn't have much direction to them,
didn't know what to sutdy or what he wanted to be,
but he was so confidenct, optimistic, and humble.
he basically said he was going to let God guide his decisions.
not limiting himself to his own thoughts.
i figure i'll follow similar paths.
take opportunities that God gives me so that He can make me the better person than i could make me."

last week i found a paper with goals i had written when i was 15.
it had goals for that year, goals for the next year, and goals for 5 years out.
they listed things like
"do well in school.
learn how to drive.
don't date until i'm 16."
i kept reading.
"5 years from now:
prepare for a mission.
6 years from now:
serve a mission."

i couldn't help but cry.
it's what i always wanted, it's what i was so looking forward to.
but for some reason, Heavenly Father has other plans for me right now.
and although i don't know exactly where they will lead, i'm willing to follow.
i have thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams
but i'm not limiting myself to those because where ever Heavenly Father wants me to go will be far better than anything i've imagined.

it's a new day and the path is unsure,
but i'm stepping forward with faith.


Haley said...

Ashley.. i love your blog. seriously you always remind me of the important things! you are amazing. thanks for the subtle little reminder for me as well. :)

Amy said...

Ashley... your faith always touches me and inspires me. I admire your testimony and trust in Heavenly Father's plan... Don't feel like you have failed to accomplish something from your list by not going on a mission, there are so many good things you can do wherever you are! Thank you for being my friend and for all you have taught me so far, through your example and even your lessons at FHE! :) You are truly great.

kylee said...

i may be a broken record but seriously your blog is amazing. this post was everything i needed to hear and more. your testimony is a major strength to mine. thank you ashley.

jilly said...

that's how it is when you follow Heavenly Father's may not know where He is taking you, but you get sweet surprises along the way! love ya! ;0)