Saturday, February 26, 2011

this week was a fairytale.

a road trip adventure with me and my mom. [long post.]

[immediately following my dentist experience.]
mom and i got in the car and took off.
no pictures were successful.
we stopped in fillmore, utah for dinner and gas.
i met this lovely elk and it was followed by one of the best moments of my life.

a night sleep in vegas in a good smelling hotel room.
[you might remember florida...]
"here comes the sun."

we stopped at kelsy's and headed to san diego.
it was beautiful and she went through the temple

i drove around for a while, it began to pour and this picture was moments before i locked myself in the car.
yeah, i didn't even know that was possible.
i unlocked the door by hand, the alarm started going off.
i quickly ducked so all the people walking by wouldn't notice that there was a person actually IN the car.
i tried everything i could, including starting the car. still blaring.
i tried to find my phone to call dad.
and finally i hit "unlock" on the key and it stopped.
how embarrassing.

we went to in'n'out after.
we laughed so hard at these pictures.
and kelsy's mom told me "if you hold the position, it will come."

we blew up the air mattress too much, had infinity blankets,
and giggled about everything with our moms.
that was followed by sleeping through "despicable me", every night.

you know who your best friends are because you come out of the bathroom wearing basically the same outfits.

then we went to the beach.

beauty for your eyes and soul.
the beach makes me happier than describable.

i don't love seaweed.
 mom made "footprints in the sand."
and kelsy took it all in.
 then i climbed a palm tree...

after we went shopping to these cute shops at laguna beach.
i took infinity pictures of clothes to design [thank you patternmaking.]
and we played until the rain came.

[they had brick everywhere and i was in love.]

"that's hot..."
thank you choir tour junior year. 
how cool is this telephone booth?
[i love phone calls.]
headband mania, mom losing her sunglasses, and $5 sports bras.
 kelsy rocks these. all of them.

kelsy gave two talks. which were amazing. i cried.
we took no pictures.
her family came over for enchiladas.
we sat around and talked.
it poured rain some more.
and as me and kelsy lay on the air mattress we cried as we realized this could be our last sleepover.
not ever, but for quite a while.

we had quick good byes to prevent the tears.
then mom and i were on our way.
she'd drive, i'd sleep.
i'd drive, she'd sleep.
except for when i made her take this picture.
yeah, a pokemon tour truck.

we laughed, told stories and sang real loud.
it was an amazing road trip.
so much fun.
and we'd like to thank taylor swift for giving us our theme,
"today [this week] was a fairytale."


Stacy said...

i can't believe you climbed all the way up that palm tree!

Lisa said...

How fun. Your mom is wonderful. I hope that elk isn't the same one I hit on my road trip . . . probably not.

And I'm pretty sure I've done that exact thing at least once with my car alarm.

jilly said...

i agree with lisa about your mom..haha!
the trip was fun!

kelsy lynne. said...

umm i love you.
and miss you.

p.s. my mom says to correct you and say that it's "assume the position." pahahaha

Libby said...

You are the best blogger I know. I absolutely loved all these pictures. Oh... and remember when you locked yourself IN your car... haha. You rock.