Friday, February 25, 2011

of course i'm doing my homework.

that's almost a complete lie.
i mean, the lesson plans i'm writing are open on my desktop,
i watched justin bieber's "somebody to love" music video.
and i downloaded plain white t's "rhthym of love" song and put it on repeat.
then i ate the snickers bar that has been on my desk for quite some time.
i looked at a few blogs.
i laughed about how i took a legit nap in a hallway today.
and i edited some california pics, which are still on their way.
then i sent some funny texts, because i'm just that cool.

but alas, my project is due tonight and this is getting me no where.
lucky for me creating lesson plans is somewhat fun. [for reals.]


Amy said...

HA. I am all too familiar with that phenomenon of not really doing your homework but pretending you are. As long as you finish in time, it totally works!! haha

kylee said...

glad to know i'm not the only one who does just about everything but the homework that needs to be done. cannnot wait for california pics! now i have to go watch the jb somebody to love music video because i'm obsessed and that is currenty my favorite of all his amazingly wonderful songs. good luck on your lesson plan!