Monday, December 27, 2010


amy's airport service.
cran-apple and biscoff cookies.
dad gave an army man a sweet roll.
ten feet away looked like a scene from "dear john."
flew to miami.
"we're going to miami."
kept up the will smith theme.
watched "fresh prince of bel air" every morning.
the beach=heaven.

warm and salty atlantic.
making sand angels.

and becoming mt. timpanogos.

i'm .01 shades darker.
our room smelled sick nasty.
past the point of  "updawg."
la quinta inn.
there was a monsoon.

at least it felt like it.
"it's the holiday season, whoop de doo."
that was some crazy basketball.
"shooting two."

all of us got to do our thing today.
i got to see the bonnet house.

mom got to see the international swim museum.

and dad got to eat benihana's.

did i mention we've become pros in air freshening? least we're working on it.

christmas program.
four hour nap.
"santa clause" 2 and 3.
holiday festival of lights.
"bring out the holly."
running in shorts and a tee.
won the game.
poofy hair.
team [plus our family] dinner.
moonlight at the beach.

freezing night on the intracostal.
manatee zone.

200 million dollar yachts...really?
sleeping in.
biggest mall i've ever seen.
only bought a sweater.
awful refs.
lost game.
sunset from our classy balcony.

"bring out the holly..."
again, and again, and again.
narnia. so good.
a pic with [cardboard] justin bieber.

christmas songs galore.
like 400 miles worth.
[i told mom i feel like i'm legal to make my own christmas cd now because i've sung 400 miles worth.]
key largo.


postcards and a giant fish.

lay over in gerogia.
dead ipod.
three solid naps.
genius idea.
home to bitter cold.

florida you were a dream.
i'll gladly come back.
one day...


Becca and Bryan said...

i am so happy that you went to that manatee place. reminds me of freshman year! haha

Amy said...

Looks soooooo funnnnn!!!! Ahh! I am glad you had a merry little trip even though your hotel room smelled like updog! When I see you I hope you are sun-kissed and tan! I have been applying fake tanning lotion like crazy this week so maybe I will even be tan too!

Launie said...

Ashley, I Loooove that moonlight on the beach picture!! Can I have a copy?