Sunday, February 20, 2011

the cavity filled part.

i'm not sure why i was so excited to have those cavities filled.
maybe it was that i'd be on my way to cali after they were done.
but as soon as i got there i knew it was not going to be fun.
i put in my ipod as soon as i sat down in the chair.
it helps distract me from thoughts like "he's drilling to my brain"
or "my teeth are going to be gone when he's through."
he started and i'm pretty sure drilling teeth tastes like rotten fireworks.
i don't think fireworks rot, but if they did, that's what it'd taste like.
then that nasty new fake teeth stuff smells like a pedicure in your mouth.
and it just hurts a little.
he walked away for a while and i was feeling around thinking he was done.
until there was still a hole the size of an earring back there.
more pedicure to come...
it took so long i have to go back for my other cavity next month.
i'm making this dentist thing a normal monthly activity.
but at least he polished my front teeth.

there's nothing like smiling with a half numb face.

post script:  i'm adoring life in california. it's b.e.a.-utiful.
full report next week, with lottttts of pictures.


Kimberlee said...

The smell of the dentist KILLS ME. I can do the numbing shot, and the part when they put the feeling in, and even the sound of the drilling. But that smell...gag. And I could smell that exact smell when reading your post. I feel you pain.

Katia said...

The sound of music is a great way to pass the time during those dental appointments. As long as you don't move when you're rocking out, of course, haha! Seriously, it's a wonderful way to distract yourself when the dentist is working on your teeth.

-Katia Craig