Monday, September 20, 2010

text messages.

one time, back in the day when i had to ride the bus home from college,
i had an interesting experience.
i was trying to keep to myself so i plugged into my ipod.
next thing i know this asian professor sits down next to me.
as i was before, i continued to keep to myself.
i pulled out my phone because those were the days that i was always texting. was cool.
so then he's like "hey. tell me what you think about texting..."
well, i told him some of my thoughts on it.
and then he proceeded to talk to me for the next half hour about the pros and cons of texting.
he was doing a study on it.
he did have some valid points.
and i tried to be nice, but in all honesty i just wanted to listen to my ipod.
that was one of the longest bus rides home.
i was so excited when we pulled into the station.
i like to save my favorite texts of all time.
which ends up being a lot of texts.
kelsy always sends good info via texts.
my mom [and neighbor] started doing this thing called "quote for the day."
QFTD for short.
she sends out a text with a quote in it.
these are always fun to get cause it's just a little thought for the day.
today's i really liked,
"QFTD:  the secret of happiness is not doing what one likes, but in liking what one has to do."
best family texting policy.
i can't tell you what it means.
but "biscuit" rocks my life.
this weekend i also found out some good friends are moving.
remember my friend phil who've i've talked so much about lately?
yeah. his parents are moving across the country for a few years.
well, last night i sent his dad this text,
"i have a legitiment concern. if i get married while you guys live in a different state you'll still come to my wedding right?"
[i just found out it's spelled legitimate. oops.]
i loved his response.
"we would not miss it, even if we have to come via handcart!!!"
oh, they are the best.
this was one of my favorite texting stories of all time.
it still cracks me up.
"you have saved my life."
i know for a fact that a life is different because of texting.
last year my roommates would always text each other.
a lot.
but libby started this thing where she'd say,
"i think you're great today."
i love when i get those randomly.
we also play this game.
libby and marlee invented it.
one person will text everyone else and say, "lick something ___________"
usually it's a color.
you have to lick the nearest thing to you that is that color without anyone noticing.
[maybe i shouldn't have told that. don't judge us.]
sometimes kayla and i have "do you remember" day.
we text each other all day about random memories we have.
i love it because i laugh so hard.
i'm pretty sure we're needing another one of those soon...
when hilary had her old phone she could send me these creepy smiley faces.
the eyes were made of swirls, and the mouth is a squiggly line.
they were often included in her texts.
and let me tell you, we have had some of the funniest texting conversations i think in the history of ever.
we talk harry potter, crazy things/people we see, and not showering.
my all-time favorite was when she texted me to say she accidentally bought 8 snuggies online.
see, you're laughing too.
hilary is in my phone as "jesse mccartney".
anytime she calls or texts the name flashes across my phone.
i love when people see it and say, " says jesse mccartney is calling you."
they are jealous.
in her phone i'm justin bieber.
"it will all work out in the end and then one day you will be looking back on your life and wonder why you ever even worried about it for a second!"
so professor, you might be against the texting phenomenon.
and i will agree it can be super lame sometimes.
but, as you can see it can be funny, good, happy, and meaningful.
it makes me grateful for texting.


Lisa said...

As long as it's not during class ;-)

jilly said...

days would be verrryyy loooong if we couldn't text once in a while. waiting until sunday to talk would make for long weeks! yeah to modern technology!

Hilly said...

i think it is even better when i yell "I BET THATS JUSTIN BEIBER CALLING!!!" When you call me :-)

this was an awesome post.