Sunday, May 9, 2010

sunday nap.

while napping i got a text that said this:
"did you know they are shooting another pirates?! like, really?"
i woke up a little confused.
our conversation proceeded like this-
me: what?!
kelsy: yeah. without kierra knightly and orlando bloom.
me: like there are real life pirates out there?

then i fell back asleep.
and i woke up thinking they found pirates off the coast or something that the army were shooting and at war with...
man-i bet she got a kick out of that one.

also:  happiest mother's day!
i have the most wonderful mom in the world and hope to be like her one day.
i hope all you mother's know how valued you are.
thanks for doing some good in the world.


kelsy lynne. said...

have i told you lately that i love you.
and our random conversations.
i was like 'what the crap?! whatever ash..'

"he's tall.
she's tall."
"yeah, they're both tall.."

jilly said...

thanks, ash!