Thursday, September 2, 2010

too much to handle.

my mind was blown today.
multiple times.
mainly because of this music video that dear marlee blogged about.
check out her post here.

and then, remember that boy i blogged about the other day?
this one?
oh yeah-i saw him today.
we, being marlee and libby and myself, were walking.
we walked toward the mtc and were about to go around the temple.
ask a joke i say, "hey guys, look for people we know."
as we look up there's elder lecheminant with his two comps.
we talked for a minute [hoping it was even allowed.]
i shook his hand, informed him i had spoken with his mother earlier, and had actually sent him a letter today. 
the chances of all the happening all in a day is wiggity whack.
[hilary-do you remember when you made that my facebook password but you couldn't remember how you spelled it?]
anyways- slim to none.
but it happened.
and when i told him mom she said,
"count it as a blessing from heaven."
so, that's what i'll do.
the things that were CRAZY today we're counting as blessings from heaven.
technology and missionaries.

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Hilly said...

oh i definitely do. i spelled it widigidity wack. bahaha