Friday, September 17, 2010

the time we call 'spare'.

one long week down.
this weekend it'll all be over.
and then onto another one.
in my spare time i think about doing homework.
i run for fun?
i eat wendy's in the back of cousin nick's truck.
i attend concerts.
i make new friends.
i take naps.
i go to the sewing lab.
i think.
i listen to stephen fryrear's "take my love". [new favorite.]
i talk to people i love, or at least like.
i mostly laugh and sometimes cry.
i stress out and leave time to relax.
i wonder if i should do more.
i am happy when i finish the things i need to.
i always have more to work on.
i day dream.
i write some letters.

...what do you do in your spare time?

happy pappy weekend everyone.

1 comment:

Hilly said...

i sit and wait for stories from you :-) ps thank you so much for talking to me last night, you are amazing. i love you so much. i needed that so much.

missssssssssssssssssss u