Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wishing rocks.

when i was younger my nana johnson would take me and my cousin camping.  we'd go exploring through the forest and she'd tell us lots of stories.
she worked at brighton camp as the director a while back and i was convinced she knew everything about those woods.
she told us about the "Brownies", showed us their bathtub, their horses, and where the king lived.
we'd collect flowers and leaves to take home to press.
we'd go sit by the river and have picnics.
i remember one time i decided to walk across the river on this log. 
i was about 5 or 6 at the time and had on these nice white sweat pants.
[why i wore those camping, i'm not sure...]
well, halfway across i slipped off and fell right into the water.
luckily it wasn't deep, but i was muddy and wet.
we still laugh about it.
anyways, one of my favorite things that my grandma taught me up in those mountains was about wishing rocks.
she told me that anytime i found a rock with a white line going all the way through it, it meant you could make a wish and then throw it into the river.
it would remain there until your wish came true.
i loved that.
i still love wishing to this day.
so last night i was up the canyon with marlee, and i found myself a wishing rock.
i made a good wish and threw it as far as i could down the mountain.
and there it will remain until it comes true...

thanks nana, for teaching me about wishing rocks, and everything else.
i love you.

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Launie said...

WOW smashley, I don't remember that but I do cherish the memories of our camping trips and I love you for remembering.