Tuesday, August 9, 2011


after working in my parent's garden, we ate gelato and played bocce ball for family home evening.
derek beat us all. but everyone learned i know the real techniques to bocce.
[like "the hip throw" and slicing when necessary.]

and have i ever mentioned i think my parents are some of the funniest people i know?
because they are.

today i realized i don't have a planner.
maybe only kelsy will understand, but it's kind of a pressing matter.

i also saved $113 dollars by buying my books on amazon. [i felt kind of cool.]

jason reeves [my "blind love"], yeah, his cd comes out in like a week.
you could saying i'm pretttttttty stoked.
buy it here. "the lovesick".

oh, and i never eat the almonds.

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