Friday, September 10, 2010

blissfully happy.

those are the words i used to describe the way i felt after seeing jason reeves live last night.
there's just something about his songs that make me feel so good.
everything started when myself, libby, janelle and stacy arrived at the velour.
it's a fun venue in old downtown.
we had two pre-show bands:
cameron rafatari and
night night.
both were enjoyable, but i loved the latter of the two.
i'll be honest, i was a little skeptical.
but they were delightful.
jason reeves.
man, oh man.
if only words could describe.
his music is very down-to-earth and so pretty.
he's a funny guy.
and very nice.

he was even better live than he is on the cd.
[this video does NOT do it justice. at all.]

[will be added later...our internet is no bueno.]
when he was wrapping up, him and the audience had this funny conversation.
audience:  keep playing!
jason:  don't you guys have school or something tomorrow?
me:  not when you're around!
audience: we have all night..
jason:  oh we do?  and what exactly will you tell your teachers tomorrow?
audience: it doesn't matter!
jason:  how about, "teacher, i decided i don't believe in time anymore so i didn't go to bed last night."  i bet that'll be the most intelligent thing they've ever heard.

....and then he played on.

after the show we got to meet him.
i caved and bought a shirt.
[you have to admit, it's adorable.]
he signed it for me.
and we got to take this lovely picture.

i smiled all the way home.


marlee.patrice said...

props to marlee?


Hilly said...

i may have just cried

jilly said...

what happened to marlee going? i agree....props for marlee?

jilly said...

you look especially beautiful in the group picture! not that you aren't already beautiful. :0)