Monday, August 8, 2011

thoughts from the heart.

family and friends are the most beautiful invention. especially the ones that know you the best. they just make you the happiest, you know?

i love inspired people. which can be anyone and everyone. because we all have our different life experiences. and when we share those, we inspire each other.

sometimes i wish [pray] so hard that i can be a better decision maker. not that i make poor decisions. i just don't love making them.

always and forever will summer be my favorite. it's just so happy. but there is something about the beginning of school that makes my heart leap.

reading through journals from middle school and high school can be a scary thing. like, did i really have a crush on every boy? and why did my parents ever let me leave the house or drive their car?

i have a lot of experiences where i'm reminded again. and again. and again. that i am a daughter of God. i can promise you that that is a true fact.

on occassion i have freak out moments. and because of those i learn who i'm supposed to become. i think i just get a little scared that i won't be able to do it, but that is just silly.

laughing so hard it hurts is my favorite thing in the world. people that can make me laugh make life wonderful. and i just really love funny stories.

keep your eye on the road.  it won't always be clear, but if you're trying your best it'll take you to exactly where you need to go. without fail.

"nevertheless, the spirit of the Lord did not fail him." [alma 4:15] the spirit will never fail us. just keep listening to it.

have a happy week everyone.


emily janette said...

this just plain hit the spot with me today. i love every little thing you said.

Anonymous said...

yes. you did have a crush on every boy.