Wednesday, August 10, 2011

basically a post about how i cleaned a bunch of stuff.

taking off a week was the best idea i ever had. for reals.
thursday i headed home for a little stay-cation.
it involved a drive up the canyon with my little bro.
and then major cleaning out of the bedroom.
[which was more of like flash back mania and finding hidden treasure.]
i found all my favorite stuffed animals. and it felt like a toy story 3 moment. except i saved mine. for the future know.
yes, i could still name all my favorite ones.
and every other second was, "mom!  do you remember this? i LOVVVVED this!"
we even played with some of the toys.
like i have this ridiculous flamingo pen so mom poked the head out of the closet and said,
"yo ash. show me how you groove!"
basically rolling on the floor by that point and said, "groove mom? really?"
"yeah...i was thinking more from my time."
and then found were the china town treasures.
i have enough random stuff to supply costumes for a roadshow i think.
oh, and i had alllllll my binders and class notes from high school?
it was about that point i was almost in tears and said "i'm going to be on hoarders some day!"
but - they were easy to throw away so i felt much better about myself.
plus, look at how much me and my brother are sending to the D.I.
weren't you glad you got to read all about me cleaning out my room?
HA. sorry about that.
friday was a delight.
except for when i freaked out about a mole. bruise. uhh...mole-bruise.
good stuff:  ikea. fabric store. sewing a duvet cover.
[which turned out darling./room make-over post coming in the next few weeks.]
getting all my laundry done. even my sheets, and barbara, and towels, and comforter, and clothes.
soooooo good.
addison and i headed to subway for dinner.
then we decided to go hit a bucket of balls.
but... i was so bad and only hit like 7 total so we ended up giving half the bucket to the men next to us.

finished season 5 of design star.
saw some of the r.m. friends from high school.
story time with big d.
and saturday. the room becamse finished.

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kylee said...

drives up the canyon are the best! it's almost a daily desire of mine.