Monday, March 21, 2011

a stay-cation to sandy that was like a dream.

why my weekend rocked?
please let me tell you.
i went to sandy to hang out with my mom.
[she's so cool i pick her over my friends on a friday night. true story.]
we went out to some tasty restaurants.
[inlcuding costa vida and paradise bakery.]
i scored some good things while shopping.
but mom said i could only have them if i send her a picture of the clothes i'm sending to the D.I.
i saw the greer's at hobby lobby. favorite.
and after we got home we analyzed how to re-design the main floor.
then, i made mom read me my favorite children's stories.
"the napping house" 
my stack was so big we finally had to move from the hallway.
we had a sewing party where i made a summer skirt.
we went to salt lake where we stopped by a party with people from our old ward.
my family moved when i was 12 and everyone seemed a little shocked that i grew up.
then it was time to watch my boys play, and bff kayla came up.
[side note:  there are some smack talk emails going around the family. and they are funny.]
i hung out with kp, rapper boy and friends all night.
they are fun. i like them.
you know kayla is my bff because she convinced me to get up at 6:15 to go with her to take rapper boy to the airport.
i don't even wake up that early, well, ever.
we even saw the sunrise.
[it's for your benefit you don't get the picture of our actual faces.]
church rocked.
and hanging out with my family is the best thing in the world.
have i ever told you how funny our conversations are?
[of course i have. look here. or here.]
they always keep me laughing, especially hearing about dad and add's camp stories.
"we almost DIED out there. and dad just kept sleeping in the truck."
then me and addison figured out what class we're taking next year.
let's just say it starts with "t" and ends in "ennis."
then he made his beautiful art my desktop. love.
and we decided we might as well see how fast we can get rid of girl scout cookies.
then i was almost out of gas so i took some from the garage.
actually i laughed at addison while he tried to put it in my car.
[he was not happy about that.]
they are so nice they even helped me carry my boat load out to the car.
okay, so maybe you don't need all the details.
but i just love my family, alright?

you could say it was a successful weekend.

post script:
add's friend cole needs help.
he found the love of his life while he was on vacation.
she's a girl he calls "bama" because, well, she's from alabama.
and he doesn't know her name.
brown hair. hazel eyes. and he still dreams about her.
[i was in that dream too, helping him find her.]
so, if you've seen her, let me know please?

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