Friday, July 23, 2010

reason 1,247:

here is reason 1,247 why i love my family.
because it's 12:45 am and we just talked in my parents bedroom for the past 45 minutes.
parts of our conversation went like this...
me:  the bus started on fire on their way to trek?
mom:  yeah. everything they had got burned.
me:  luckily you don't pack too nice for trek.  plus, it would make the whole experience more realistic wearing one outfit the whole time.
mom:  they sent everyone home.
dad: no they didn't.
add:  they should have. some people were probably traumatized.
dad: i like to think that they enjoyed roasting marshmallows.
unwrapped m&m version comes on t.v.
add: man, i want some m&m's now.
mom:  OH. i have a giant bag i forgot i bought.
[insert us eating them.]
add:  you'll be really good at this grandma thing mom because you've bought a lot of candy lately.
me:  bytheway i'll probably have a kid next year.
dad:  oh yeah?
mom:  you gotta get married first!
add:  ashley is the stinkiest person in the whole wide world and she just thinks everything else stinks because she can't smell herself.
[his feet smell like up dawg. always.]
finally dad said, "well guys. i'm going to bed.  that means you have to get off my bed."
man, do i sure love my family.
they make me so happy.

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