Thursday, March 17, 2011

today's the day.

march. the month where anything can happen.

we've got 26 signed up this year in the walter pool on cbssports.
it's our second annual year, and prizes are involved.
we take this [very] seriously.

wearing my cougs basketball shirt beat out wearing green.
i think it always will.
[do i own any green?]
5:15 MST - BYU (3) v. Wofford (14)

my bracket has byu in the final four.
i had to after saying i'm driving to houston if we make it.
and we will make it.

i'm in three bracket competitions.
kansas is taking it all.
i love watching games all day.
and i might have had a dream involving jimmer becoming player of the year the other night...

need to get pumped up?
watch this. ha.
jimmer's brother t.j. is a rapper.

just for the record:
i love march madness.

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

march madness is the best!