Monday, June 22, 2009

one reason why i love my family.

...because we have conversations like this.
Me: Are there such people as arm hair cutters?
Mom: Ashley, you are weird.
Me: I’m just curious
Add: You have a normal amount of arm hair.
Me: It adds up over nineteen years.
Mom: Get laser hair removal. I would but it’s expensive. Although i'd never have to shave again.
Me: I’m going to laugh when we are all like monkeys in heaven because we are all naturally super hairy.
Dad: Apes huh?
Mom: No, we are all going to be completely bald.
Me: Nope, it says in the scriptures not a hair on your head shall be lost.
Add: I wonder what my perfect hair style is.
Dad: Yeah, I’m still looking for that one too.
Add: I bet mine was that shaggy look.
Mom: When it looked like a mullet?
Add: Fine, maybe the buzzed bald spot one.
Me: When mom put the dings in your head doing it free hand?
Mom: That was funny. I should’ve just made a design.

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stacers1316 said...

yep i love your family too. haha. this made me laugh