Friday, April 6, 2012

charity is love.

things  i learned during service month:

what it means to love others.
and what it means to truly be loved.
i was able to serve.
and be served.

one girl asked for a ride to the library.
 i wrote a note and shared an experience i had.

i was able to make good friends by having girls night and painting nails.
someone made me homemade banana bread.
i brought someone along with me to the grocery store.
we dropped of conference baskets to the girls we visit teach.
i was able to go to the temple.
i was amazed as i watched others around me serving.
and one night i came home to the dishes all done.
it had just been one of those days, and it meant the world.
i was instantly in tears and learned what love really is.
it's doing the small things for others, even if they seem unimportant.

some of these things i may have done for others, but i was definitely more blessed myself.
i learned that serving truly brings happiness.
that charity is love.
[2 nephi 26:30]

i learned we will have thoughts and ideas on how to serve others.
it's our job to act on those.

i learned that serving means to be more like Jesus Christ.
let's celebrate that He lives.
[have a happy easter.]


kylee said...

my favorite is that you mentioned being served. i think we sometimes forget that we need to allow others to serve us.

anna said...

love this video. and your sweet message.

Chelsie Clarke said...

they had a thing about this on after GC this year... SO good.