Wednesday, April 4, 2012

waiting anxiously.

april 4, 2011
i anxiously awaited his arrival.
and that doesn't even give it justice.
i was more nervous than ever.
he had come in town over the weekend and told me he'd stop by work on monday.
it had been well over two years since i had seen him last.
would he still be as cute as i thought before?
i waited and waited.
and then i saw him.
"oh my gosh. you are real life."
as i ran over to give him a hug.
he was cute, and i wondered if things would go anywhere.
i didn't know then just how much i'd grow to love derek asay.

april 4, 2012
i anxiously awaited his call.
and dad said we might not get to talk to him, time was running short before his flight.
tears welled up in my eyes as i thought about not talking to him for a whole nother month.
i was so excited to hear his voice.
but then he finally called.
and he told us how much he loved us in chinese.
he spoke chinese.
and we all laughed and told stories in our short 20 minute phone call.
but it was perfect.
a reminder that we can be all over the world, but we are a family.
and all i could feel was love.
[and the tears streaming down my cheeks.]
i didn't know then just how much addison being a missionary would help our love grow.

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Haley said...

I love this post! and its sooo true. Missionary brothers are the best thing ever. Uhh i love the gospel. And we both have the best brothers out there!