Friday, March 9, 2012

service month.

Did you know that the first Relief Society was organized on March 17th, 1842? 
That means that the month of March is the anniversary of Relief Society! 
We think that’s pretty exciting. 
And since the motto of Relief Society is
We hereby declare this month to be a:
Relief Society Month of 
take the challenge to find opportunities to serve others this month!
do an act of service for the girls you visit teach
go to the temple
come to our RS service project activity
do anonymous acts of service for your everyone around you!
serve your roommates
do a favor for your classmates or co-workers
smile at strangers
talk to the person who rings you up
make the spirit of service come alive this month. 
you can be the person to start the trend!
we’ll have a jar in Relief Society for you to fill with your acts of service!
you can do it!   
Love, the Relief Society Presidency

[maybe you aren't part of our relief society
but you can sure make it a month of service too.
here's my challenge to you:
go out and serve.
you'll be happier. i promise.]

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