Wednesday, March 14, 2012

trivia of the week.

sometimes i have butt pain. every day. [i can't wait for this semester to end.]
last night we made this recipe. and it was so tasty. and so easy. [we also added cilantro, which rocked.]
in our new apartment we have an extra bedroom. which means, i never have to put away my sewing machine.
derek compared my tiredness to a lithium battery. when i run out of juice, i'm just dead gone.
looking for cute light pink shoes...any suggestions?
tuesdays rock because i get to hear from my brother. and he rocks. it's a perfect combo.
the clothing swap is happening. april 7th. 1-3 pm. provo area. interested?
this weekend i'm running a 5k. pray for me.
the cougs pulled out a victory last night.  let's beat marquette? yeah.
i love the warm weather, march madness, and derek asay.
and also getting enough sleep.
keep it up with service month.
happy pi day. [we're having banana cream.]

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kylee said...

ashley! are you still looking for cute light pink shoes?! here are a few i found online: