Sunday, January 22, 2012

what do you do for fun on a saturday night after it snows?

weekends are fun.
and we had an awesome 5-tuplet date.
but the thing that topped it all was after we said bye to everyone,
and grabbed our garbage bags,
and went sledding in the park.
because it was the first snow, of course.

just look how much fun we had.
[or listen to how obnoxiously hard we were laughing...
because you can't really even see anything.]

just know, we had a good time.


Libby said...

Oh Ashley. Trash bags and sledding. This just brought back a flood of Sophomore year memories.

kylee said...

best video/audio ever.

Amy said...

you guys are hilarious. seriously, favorite couple. ha.

but such liars! Derek kept saying he was tired and ready for bed!! hahaha.

jilly said...

i say say funny...