Monday, January 23, 2012

life sometimes.

sometimes life is a hard thing.
things that are hard for me are not necessarily hard for anyone else.
but everyone else has hard things too.
and seeing those hard things i often wonder why i even struggle with what i do.
things that really aren't a big deal, seem so large sometimes.
it's been one of those sometimes lately.
so i do everything i know how to do to find peace.
praying, fasting, asking for help, reading my scriptures.
and it works.
i know my life isn't that hard.
i truly have so many blessings.
sometimes i just have hard days.
[which means more tears than normal.]
as i'm sure you do too.
so when you do, let me know, and i'll give you a little extra love.
just how everyone i know has done for me lately.
this is a thank you, that isn't near worth all you deserve.


Ariel said...

I am sharing this sentiment with you. Life is hard but oh so beautiful. It helps to know everything will work out eventually but man...still makes me want to crawl into a ball sometimes. Ashley, you're the cutest. You are talented and sweet and beautiful inside and out. Honestly, we should get together and craft sometime. Hope the sun shines more brightly upon you soon! Hang in there. It will get easier eventually. But don't be hard on yourself if you need to just take some time out and take a break. Best wishes! Always!

Lisa said...

Everyone has their trials, and you are doing a great job enduring and learning from yours.