Wednesday, January 18, 2012


all my time has been spent with my family, and brother these past few days.
it's an interesting thing knowing your brother will be gone for the next two years.
you see, my brother is my only sibling.
and it's the best, because we are the best of friends.
but it's also sad thinking about him being gone.
the honest truth is that this is one of the hardest things i've ever done.
i really didn't think it would be so hard.
i've had a major crying session every day for the past week.
but you know, at the same time, i'm so excited. so happy. so proud.
i know the blessings will far outweigh the sacrifice, and we'll grow even closer.
and i know without a doubt that he's doing the right thing, because i too having a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
although i cried giving him my final hug, as we drove away, all i felt was peace.
so, here is to an amazing two years, full of amazing experiences.
i love you elder walter. i'll miss you.
peace be the journey.
[of course i'm quoting "cool runnings". he wouldn't expect anything else.]

his mission scripture - moroni 10:32

and some final pics:
 nickelcade date.

 after being set apart. modeling, of course.

our last good byes.

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Amy said...

I so admire your positive attitude and your testimony of missionary work. I think it's so cool that you felt peace amidst the sadness. Here's to the next two years being the best ever for your family! Missionary blessings!!