Wednesday, January 18, 2012

visiting teachers.

last night i sent a text to my visiting teachers.
they had written me a note telling me to let them know if i needed anything.
i decided to do just that.
"thanks for your sweet note. i really appreciated it. if you could just keep me in your prayers i would appreciate that. and i'm in need of some ziploc bags, but i'll let you know because i'm hopefully going to the store tomorrow. thanks for all you do."
i woke up this morning to a box of ziploc bags on my doorstep with a note that said,
"don't worry about going to the store, enjoy today with your family. remember, not only will the missionary be blessed, but his family as well."
if i've learned anything this semester, it's that the visiting teaching program is one of the best in the church.
i couldn't be more grateful.

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kylee said...

and now i'm crying.
this was such a wonderful post ashley. i love that you weren't afraid to ask your visiting teachers for help. it speaks very highly of them. after reading this it helped me realize how important visiting teaching really is. i need to do better. i vow to do better.
i hope you're holding up. just know you're included in my prayers as well. you are a wonderful girl ashley and i am very grateful for your example. and like your visiting teachers said: not only will your brother be blessed, but you & your family will as well.