Thursday, January 12, 2012

as of late.

a jazz game with my family.
saw brandon davies at walmart.
[i was tempted to tell him about the time me and marlee cried.]
cooked a roast for dinner.
finished my r.s. assignment.
had a minor melt down.
make every major life decision by the 18th.
[and say bye to addison.]
nice texts that make me cry.
finally wrote things in my planner.
love the preschool kids already.
still haven't bought a new notebook.
inspired by my major.
enjoying my new loufa from the shields.
a dream that my wedding ring looked like a shield.
[the old green ctr shape. with diamonds. cute.]
going to the auto show.
brother is having a farewell.
and happy.

what is your life like?


Ali said...

the byu preschool kids?? are you in the practicum class? because if you are, i totally am too! (and actually even if you aren't)

Lisa said...

Wedding ring??