Saturday, January 28, 2012

my goal to change the world.

i have a passion for education.
always have.
[i used to teach my stuffed animals preschool.]
growing up i always knew i'd go to college.
i even had goals for a master's degree.
school was fun and i loved learning.
i knew i could be anything when i grew up, maybe i was a conceited child.
or maybe i just had confidence because the people around me believed in me.
but deep down i knew i'd be a teacher, because i simply had a desire to teach.
this semester i am in my "teaching methods" class.
the class where we learn just how to be a good teacher.
every day i am uplifed, inspired, excited.
i feel stronger than before that i'm in the right place, doing the right thing.
i have a responsibility to help my students succeed.
and that is my goal.
last night we watched "waiting for superman."
[a documentary about the education system in america.]
you should watch it. (it's free on netflix)
it describes just how real and awful our education truly is.
i had tears streaming down my face as i watched these children that have the same dream that i had,
to know that they could be anything when they grow up.
but seeing how this isn't possible because of their schools.
and everyone knowing that this is the case, and it's unlikely that they'll succeed.
because of how truly awful "the system" is.
and no one doing anything about it, really.
after it was over i turned to derek and said,
"i'm doing something about this.  i'm making a change.  these students will succeed."


kylee said...

i feel the same way allll the time. i go to these FCS classes of mine and always leave worried/uplifted/grateful/angry. yeah that's a lot of emotions but the more i learn about our school systems the more i hate them. we reallllly need to figure out a better way to do things. and homeschooling [in my opinion] is not the answer - although it may work for some it is just not the way i would choose to do thing.
you really will make a difference. i know you will. you already have really. by simply wanting to make a difference you make all the difference. confusing sentence? pretend like it's not.

Ali said...

i watched that in one of my classes! tears streaming down my face the entire movie and i wasn't even pregnant yet. such a frustrating/discouraging movie. i have a (sort of) plan but it will take a lot. we should team up.