Thursday, January 26, 2012

because 22 is kind of a big deal...

evidence as to why it was the best day ever: 
[and lots of pictures because i decided i was documenting everything.]
i woke up to signs and balloons from my roommates.
a phone call from mom and dad.
derek brought me mcdonald's hashbrowns for breakfast.
more phone calls from nana, and bff kayla. 
and texts of birthday wishes from more of my favorite people.
cupcakes and a sign for me at work. 
whoopie brought me cupcakes too.
trying to write the date on your birthday is tough. 
[you always want to put the year you were born.]
telling my group that i was leaving class early because it was my birthday.
derek picking me up.
eating at zuppa's for dinner.
[i've been craving that wisconsin cauliflower.]
 a drive through the canyon.
talking is what we do best.
to village inn for pie. 
back to derek's.
we opened some presents and i laughed so hard.
[all items i have previously mentioned wanting.]
[do i look tired? ha.]
his response, "i really do listen when you talk to me."
home to find chocolate milk from my girl amy.
a birthday card from grandma and granpa.
and facebook posts galore.
seriously. it was the best day.
to all of you who partcipated in any sort of way,
you made me feel like a million bucks.
thanks for all the love.
[especially derek.]


kylee said...

mcdonald's kills it when it comes to hasbrowns. a good kill of course. there are only two things i'm ever willing to eat when it comes to mcdonald's breakfast and hashbrowns is definitely the number one choice. ahhhhh nothing makes me happier than seeing pictures of you two on the blog. i cannot stop smiling! looks like you had a wonderful birthday! as it should have been - you deserved it.

Kim said...

22 is a huge deal! Happy birthday cuz!

ashley said...

Hey now! I didn't know you got double cupcakes! I'm sorry!

jilly said...

you forgot to mention your window shopping trip! ;0)