Monday, January 30, 2012


i have a sore rear from sitting so long during the school days.
i found some awesome old things at home. and a pile of "why did i keep this?"
i sent one of those, "oh my gosh, i just replied and that was NOT supposed to go to them" emails.
i think i accidentally slept with the bridal guide in my bed.
i had lasagna and pie. homemade by mom.
i got the homemade slipper replacements as a surprise too.
i may have a fun trip coming up.


kylee said...

ohh my gosh i hate when you accidentally send somthing to the wrong person. just a few weeks ago i was trying to send my friend pictures from when we headed to sundance and i accidentally sent them to an out of state blogger instead. she wrote back saying that it looked so fun and she wished she was able to go to sundance too and then mentioned that i probably meant to send the email to someone else. i felt awful in a sorry-i-rubbed-sundance-in-your-face sort of way. even worse was the time i was with some friends in a car. one was being a bit bratty and i was feeling uncomfortable. i thought i was texting the other friend but turns out i sent it to the brat acting one instead. it was about her and how i wanted to go home. she took me home immediately after. it was awful. but we worked through it and managed to still remain friends! thank goodness for forgiveness right? fun trip coming up?!! wooo hoo! trips are the best!

jilly said...

yeah....your slippers look cute!