Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hawaii-day one.

remember that one time i went to hawaii and it was amazing and i never even blogged about it?
well, they are coming now. deal with it.

on the way there i thought it was the longest flights of my whole life...
little did i know what awaited me on my flight home. but that story will come later.

oh, and my parents?
 ...they are ipad people.

we made it to hawaii late, but woke up ready for adventure.
so. we went to hike maunawili falls.
before we started we swung through the trees like tarzan.
[that guy had some muscles, cause i couldn't hold on that long.]

and the hike, let me tell you, it was muddy.
like, really muddy.
but pretty too.

but we made it to the falls, where people were jumping off rocks right and left.
i stood on the edge too cold to jump in.
bad idea.
i had infinity bug bites on my legs.
and when i get bug bites, they get BIG. and super itchy.
i finally got in and swam over to the falls.
it then took another 15 minutes to jump off.
fact: i'm the pansy in my family.
but hey, at least i did it.

[the family joke. because i'm in the water when everyone is just jumping.]

on the hike back down it was still really muddy.
and i have a tendency to fall in the mud.
[like seriously, all the time as a kid.]
and i guess some things just never change.
so i walked down a mountain in my spandex.
yes. true story.

a nice man let us use his hose to wash off.
we stopped at pali highway lookout on the way back.
its famous in my family as the place where mom's family's rental car caught on fire.
and mom chased down cars. we laughed so hard.

showers and dinner at hard rock cafe.
[with a waiter named thor. for reals.]
asleep by 9.

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kylee said...

I would have been the pansy that stood up top for twenty minutes and then never jump. Looks like such a fun beginning to what was sure to be a great trip!