Thursday, December 8, 2011

good night to all, and to all a good night.

one day it was the last day of school.
and today was that day.
want to hear what i did to celebrate?
[or avoid studying for finals...]
i went to guru's for dinner sweeeeet potato fries with libby.
[my ex-roommate who is pregnant! i know, i couldn't believe it either! so happy.]
and then we went to the beehive bazaar.
so much craftiness. i love it.
when i got home ciera said,
"ashley, will you please play disney scene it with me?"
those words or something...that girl can get me to do anything.
[like that one time i clipped her fingernails? for reals.]
it was the ashley's and ciera in one of the most intense disney channel scene its of my life.
ciera won.
after which, ciera said, "i sure want to watch high school musical right now!"
so, off to amy's i ran because i knew exactly where she keeps it stashed.
[also ex-roommate. the funny one. read her. you won't regret it.]
and we sang along to every song.
it rocked.
then i got to see derek for my "10 minutes." [plus thirty.]
and i'll tell you all, he's the best.
honest to goodness.
then, to top it all off i watched this. my all-time favorite.
it might not be wall-kicking, but not studying for finals always seems to be a pleasure.
[fyi: wall-kicking is still a big deal in this apartment.]


Libby said...

It was so good to see you Miss Ashley. Thanks for being the best EVER.

aubrey jo said...

sounds like my kind of night!