Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i've just been having a lot of fun lately...

this may include:
-a ward camping trip that was a total success.
-getting stopped by cows on the way.
-an awesome pioneer story experience.
-eating smores with roommate amy.
-getting limited sleep but having giggling fits all night.
-going to derek's bff's wedding reception.
-getting down on the dance floor.
-dinner with cousin nick.
-a noah style down pour.
-marlee coming to town.
-magic giraffe socks.
-eating at the crepe place [with the huge owl out front. you can't miss it. unless you're driving north.]
-talking for hours.
-quick walk up to campus.
-trimming marlee's hair.
-a visit from our favorite dee dee.
-wendys run.
-watching "despicable me" under the stars at springville art park. or springfield aardvark.
-pillow talk.
-sleeping in.
-going to provo library. [pretty.]
-reading by the pool. and swimming in the pool too.
-the disappointment of the root beer shack still being closed.
-a picnic up the canyon.
-updating the b194 journal.
-going to the mall. eyebrows threaded.
-some tv watching and talking some more.
-funniest text i've ever recieved from kayla.
-back to the mall for marlee's skirt. and two pairs of shoes for me.
-dominos pizza.
-saying our good byes and trying not to cry.
-her calling me to tell me to look at the moon.
[this is a regular occurance.]
-seven peaks with my girl kp and crew.

taking the week off of work was one of the best ideas i've had all summer.
...and it's only wednesday!


kylee said...

that bike picture. obsessed. such a good shot! goodness you do look like you're having fun! i crave a good camping trip. and yes i know crave is probably the wrong word to use for anything but food but crave it i do.

Libby said...

I love your life.