Wednesday, December 7, 2011

in case you need the reminder:

test scores aren't everything.

i have a perfectionist side.
and a funny loving side.
 exactly half and half.
it becomes a problem when those two try to meet in the middle.
which usually refers to negotiating schoolwork.
it's like the people sitting on your shoulders telling you what to do. 
except this time, they are both angels. 
or both devils. 
either side could easily win because both sides fit my personality.
it's quite the debate sometimes. 

but anyways,
if you need the reminder,
your grades don't represent whether or not you are a good person.
just keep doing your best.

[maybe i'm just trying to make myself feel better. and it's working. okay?]

1 comment:

Lisa said...

That's true :-) Once you're done with school, I promise no one will care a bit whether you got an A or a C in such-and-such class.