Wednesday, October 12, 2011

this is a good story.

one time i was 16 years old.
it was prom.
i needed to take tampons and really didn't want to take a purse.
"everyone knows exactly why you have it with you!" i exclaimed. 
my mom and i brainstormed all morning.
being the genius that she is, my mom said, "i've got it."
a roll of doctor's tape and three tampons later,
those little guys were securely taped to my legs,
not to be seen by anyone under that poofy dress.

[p.s. i've got some exciting news coming later!]

1 comment:

Amy said...

WHATTT?? You are telling me to taped tampons to your legs at prom? HAHAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh you are CRAZYY..

That could have gone so wrong.

(PS Who doesn't take a purse to prom? Where'd you put your lip gloss and your front door key and your cell phone???)

This may very well be the funniest blog post ever.