Tuesday, October 11, 2011

share with me your stories.

we all have a story to tell.
and mine is influenced every day by other individuals.
i'm amazed at the strengths of others.
how they handle the curves with a smile on their face.
sometimes in my life i've wondered why people open up to me,
tell me their whole life story. especially when i hardly know them.
but today i realized i'm more than grateful, because it sure has taught me a lot.
about people, about life, about enduring, and about love.
no one can ever know our whole story, only ourself, who has experienced it fully.
but what a blessing it is to be able to share the bits and pieces, and to listen to the story of others.
stories that make us laugh, or cry, or make our jaw drop to the floor.
stories that give us courage, make us want to change the world, or simply sit there in awe.
one day my journal pages will open up and everything inside will be shared.
and until that day i can open my mouth and share my experiences with others.
stories about my past. about my current daily living. and about my future hopes and dreams.
sharing together to build each other up.
so let's have story time, every day.

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kylee said...

the fact that so many people open up to you should also tell you alot about how great of a person you are. you are obviously a welcoming person who doesn't judge. you are kind and loving and the perfect go-to girl for life stories. it really is interesting how nobody can ever fully understand or know your story. just the other night i was on the phone with a friend and trying to explain to her how great a boy is and i kept saying i wish you could know him the way i do but it just won't happen you know? this was such a wonderful post ashley. thanks for sharing YOUR story on your blog. i really am so so so glad we became blog friends and then real life friends. it's a shame we missed out on doing so in high school.