Wednesday, October 19, 2011

life lately.

-a bird pooped on my nose last week while playing tennis.  i freaked out a little.
-my dermotologist asks about my dating situation. it's cool. really.
-on monday i had a nice long talk with my mom. we cried in the smith's parking lot. also cool.
-bff kayla always has the best advice.
-"all about us" by he is we is still on repeat on the itunes. 
-i jumped on a cornbelly. and laughed so hard. [post coming soon.]
-funniest email from hilary. discussing what we would do the first arfday she's back.
["it will include: fast food, fun jams (maybe black eyed peas), and a dance party in a parking lot. and watching harry potter will come before arfday."]
and reminding me how i told her once i'd pick derek over chris brown. [still true.]
-derek and i study together every day. the coolest.  [sometimes i just sit there and he does the studying.]
-my roommates and i dance in the woods.
-and we've been on familysearch all week.  lindsey has some crazy royalty in her past. and made it clear back to adam and eve. 
-my gap purchases were a success.
-driving up the canyon is the prettiest.  i took a hundred mental snapshots. my pictures just don't do it justice.
-i made pulled pork.
[and by 'i', i mean 'the crockpot']

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kylee said...

what the whaaaa? bird poop. on your nose? gag me. is it weird that i've always dreamt of studying with someone like that? just hanging out you two both studying - just being together.