Sunday, October 16, 2011

tender heart.

some days i have the feelings of a very tender heart.
thinking of my family in the temple one day.
and my brother leaving for two years.
lessons on temple covenants.
knowing that one day i'll get my chance to go too.
patience in the Lord's timing.
the words of inspiried leaders.
sometimes we'll have questions, but we just keep working.
at baptism we promised to serve, to care, and to testify of Christ.
"don't just believe in Jesus Christ, develop faith in Jesus Christ."
trust in the blessings of Heavenly Father.
"the Lord put you down here to have an amazing life."
realizing just how visiting teaching changed my life.
[a story for another day.]
we are learning to love people.
take counsel from our faith, not our fears.
"invest your love in one another."
my favorite chapter of them all.
i am truly blessed.

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Ashley Eliza said...

thanks for sharing this :) you are amazing girl.