Saturday, March 27, 2010


my roomies and i decided something. 
since our President is all about "change", why not throw something into the mix to spice things up a bit?
SO...we invented arfday.
it's the new day of the week.
it's celebrated in between friday and saturday.
it's another weekend day to party.
(no work or school allowed.)

today was probably the best arfday in a long time.
first, let me back up.
last night i got to watch march madness LIVE with my family. 
it was amazing.
[thanks dad!]
and i had a nice heart to heart with the brother.
it was great.
okay, thursday turned into friday which ----> ARFDAY
here's how the celebration went down.
first: i got the EFY counselor job.
this girl is going to be dancing with fourteen year olds for four weeks this summer.
after work libby and i walked to the mail post station thing in sweats and purple crocs. cute.
and we ate tasty noodles.
then hilary and i had an adventure.
we successfully
got lost,
got a new tv (thanks jeremy and estee!),
and got to experience one of the coolest things provo has to offer.
then we got frozen yogurt from marlee at work
and after i finally bought my samoa girl scout cookies...they were just too tempting.
hilary invented new words like "chereoke" [just mix cherokee and karaoke].
i just laughed and laughed.
we watched some of our favorite boys play some basketball while we discussed what sports have the most attractive males.
then we picked up libby and hit up the hot tub.  PARTY.
some friends met us there and i drank plenty of root beer afterwards. mmm.
and to top it all off we had roommate bonding.
we went back to the most extraordinary place in provo. 
maybe one day you'll be able to know the secret.
but for now, it's time to call it quits. 
hope you too had a fantastic arfday.
oh, and do us a favor? 
write Obama and tell him you support our notion.

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Hilly said...

I love arfdays with you. This one totally rocked too. Best place in Provo for sure :-)