Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween celebration. [friday]

there's nothing like transporting your apartment into "murder island" for a classy murder mystery party.
all props go to ciera for the idea and completion of this event.
a night full of mystery, deciet, and quite a few laughs.

welcome to new york city, circa 1940.

 James Weatherly.
amateur boxer.
 Charolette Donovan.
immigrant factory worker.
[found guilty.]
 Warren Prescott.
rookie reporter.
 Margo McBey.
notable female jockey.
 Gordon "Gordie" Vincent.
professional golfer.
 Anya Ivanova Kohklakov.
aspiring russian singer.
 Ruby Ratcliff.
cafe waitress.
 Silas Young.
private investigator.


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kylee said...

oh my gosshhhhh. murder mystery party? to attend one of those is definitely on my bucket list. i love the pictures, i love the costumes, i love everything about it really.

anna said...

this looks so fun... you and derek look awesome!