Friday, October 28, 2011

i think in lists a lot. so, here is another.

-crying in grocery store parking lots is occuring more often than i like to admit.
-i did in fact scrape my car windows this morning. [and hated it.]
-three compliments for that complaint. [even if marlee is gone.]
1.i have awesome hair.
2.marlee has awesome hair.
3.derek is the nicest. [it's even more fun doing homework with him.]
-blending a wooden spoon in class is cool, right?
-today i gave my first real haircut to cousin nick. it wasn't too shabby.
-walking home i saw ex-roomie/amazing girl amy. she offered me dinner. and it was delicious. plus she put up a darling new wreath. [both pinterest finds. thank you pinterest.]
-i decided today that one day i'm going to decorate my house for every holiday.
-it's halloween weekend. which will include my yamaha 125.


Amy said...

awww... dinner and chatting with you was the best part of my day. really, I wrote all about it in my journal so you know it was good! haha :)

jilly said...

you better have a BIG storage room for all those holiday decorations! haha