Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween celebration. [saturday]

early morning four-wheeling with my parents.
it was a tiny bit freezing when we got there.

[yes, derek is wearing purple mittens.]

the afternoon included laundry. a walmart trip. and no homework.

and then a realization that i never actually got a costume ready, 
with a ward party to attend in the near future.
lindsey was being an old man. and i had a dress already. so...old lady it was.
and the stuffing with pillows was the ingenious addition.

in response to my mass picture messaging:  
text from addison -
text from derek - 
"please never look like that"
text from my dad [that was actually my mom]-
"it's not very nice to dress up as your mom for halloween!"
tears. so funny.

grandma, grandpa and our wayward grandchild.
[photo credit: amy. thanks girl.]

and that, my friends, is how you work it for halloween.

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Kayla said...

I'm a little offended that I didn't get a picture message! It's an awesome costume though! :)