Friday, September 2, 2011

class schedule.

tennis: taking it with the brother. super great. like every morning it feels like the good old high school days of tennis practice. even if it's tough to get out of bed. one morning i even ate a quesidilla right after, before 10:30 am. let's just say i stopped at taco bell at least twice a week after tennis practice during the high school. glad to know that craving still exists. and our tennis instructor is the men's assistant coach.  i'm being taught by a university tennis coach. whoa sir.

intro to linguistics: the first day was cool. my professor is cool. i just don't really get where he's going with all this language stuff. i try to follow along, but i'm just not positive how it all relates. at least we have an in-class test. i'm hoping that will be good for my test taking struggles.

textiles: the FOUNDATION of our major. because it's used in absolutely everything. i was unaware of how much actually is textiles. not only is it clothes and house hold items. it includes air bags, toothbrushes, awnings, etc. seriously-the list goes on and on and on. it was fascinating. hardest class of my major. coolest stuff to learn about it. putting my whole heart in to this one.

parenting and child guidance: this class is going to be my favorite this semester. i already know it. my teacher...incredible.  you know a good teacher when they are able to make you cry on the first day of class by telling powerful stories. we discuss the importance of families. and makes me look forward to one day becoming a parent.

family meal management: another favorite. we cook yummy food. and remember how i set a goal to rock at grocery shopping?  this class is my answer. for reals. i am stoked.

teaching english language learners: how to become a good teacher. and teach people from all over the world. i had an epiphany the first day of class. you know how so many people focus on foreign language students tests scores?  and how they are so worried that they don't measure up?  how in the world can we expect them too.  does that sound awful?  it shouldn't. because listen, we spend our whole lives up until high school - or whatever grade - learning the basics, the principles, the rules, the language.  we get tested on it. and sometimes we don't even do well ourselves.  how can we expect students who have only been here for a few years to know all the same knowledge we have that has taken us our whole lives so far to gain?  just think about it. this will definitely be an interesting one this semester.


kylee said...

legit jealous of that tennis class of yours. my friend signed up for one at the u and right then and there i contemplated signing up for one as well but then thought of people watching how awful i am made my decide against it. i think i'll stick to private lessons from friends for now. okay yep i want to come to your parenting and child guidance class for suuure. i love love love when you get a class you know will be your all time favorite. understanding children a couple semesters ago was mine. it's all about having good professors too. they make all the difference. meal management? heck i just want to take all your classes! you have quite the great schedule and i really love you for posting a list of all your classes!

Amy said...

sounds like a busy but great semester!

Which TELL class are you in? I'm in 410 this semester! I am excited for the principle of teaching language learners but I heard the classes are mostly busy work... so if you're in TELL 410 too lemme know and we can help eachother out :)