Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my weekend was this good.

-ciera's birthday.
-cannon center with add.
-free concerts on the rooftop [with lanterns].
-a mexican carnival [aka the mexican palooza].
-late night wendy's run.
-a birthday party.
-byu beating ole miss.
-freshman besties reunion.
-cosmic bowling [and dancing the night away].
-a whole 5 minutes of "little princess".
-learning neat things at church.
-sitting on the couch for hours.
-mona lake. a rope swing. a ruffle swimsuit incident. "i sailed mona." [on floaties]. and big burger.
-good bye to karissa.
-dinner with the parents.

here's the proof:

i always love having labor day off.
happy week back at school - or whatever else you may be doing.

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