Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 resolutions.

new year's resolutions 2011:

1- keep a budget every single month.
2- make a really good friend by being a better listener.
3- have a theme of the month [each month] and do something cool.
4- read the entire conference ensign after both general conferences.
5- have a new adventure. [almost anything qualifies.]
6- double my amount of blogging friends.
7- improve my dating.
8- participate in 3 races or sporting events.
9- learn a new skill [ex: cake decorating.]
10- get really good at making a “menu” to rock at grocery shopping.
11- work extra hard to improve my gpa.


Megs said...

love this. you're going to be fantastic. and as one of your new 2010 blogging friends, i'm excited to see the journey :)

Libby said...

We should do a recipe swap. I got some good ones over break. Also, you should add a resolution along the lines of "Teach Libby how to sew". That would help me out a lot with one of my own resolutions. ;] Thanks, doll.

jilly said...

well...i wanted to add all of your goals to my list...maybe we can trade half way through the year! haha

kylee said...

i want in on number seven. i definitely need to work on my dating skills. awkward doesn't even begin to describe my poor efforts with dating.

Ashley said...

Love this! Girl these are such great goals for 2011!! One of my goals is to learn to be a better cook we will def have to share some recipes and cooking experiences this year! :)