Friday, August 12, 2011

st. george and back in 12 hours.

a wake up call at 7:00 from uncle jaron saying they were here.
quick breakfast at mcdonalds and we were on our way.
stop in beaver and the famous giant rocking chair picture.
we made it to st. george in time to stop at the outlets. [yeah new school clothes!]
and grab lunch at smash burger.
[i love signs that have my name on the wall real big.]

then it was time for the funeral.
funerals are beautiful things.
they remind you of eternity, the incredible plan of salvation.
great grandpa pettit was an amazing man who was the hardest worker and loved his family so much!
it really was lovely. and great to be with family.
four generations. great grandma pettit. nana johnson. mom. me.

just so you know, st. george is HOT.
so afterwards, it was back to the mall to change.
and a stop at the grocery store for cold drinks.
another stop in beaver.
then we were home.


kylee said...

nothing better than a few new school clothes! and yes i'm a college student who still begs her mom for a couple new school outfits. and i love your outlook on funerals. i wish i could handle them better. i just find them always super uncomfortable. good thing one of my school classes this semester is 'death and dying' perhaps i'll learn a thing or two in there.

Lisa said...

Glad things are going well Ashley. St. George is my home town and I miss it! I hope this year is a great one for you.